Critics: 5 Tips for Engaging Them

If you spend any time in ministry, you will have critics.  People might criticize your appearance, your preaching, your leadership style, your personality, or how you spend your time.  Whenever we encounter criticism, we are tempted to become defensive or discouraged.  There are times where we might also become angry and lash out at our critic.  While such times can …

Leadership 3M's

Leadership: Learning the Army’s 3 M’s

One of the most powerful lessons I’ve learned in leadership involves standing in a chow line with other officers waiting for our enlisted soldiers to get their food.  The reason we stood in line rather than going ahead of our soldiers directly related to the 3 M’s of leadership taught to us in our officer basic courses.  Our cadre taught …


Change: 10 Steps for Leading Changes In Your Church

Leading change in church’s is difficult. I’ve heard that the only human being who likes change is a baby with a dirty diaper. While it can be painful sometimes, altering our methodology in the church is necessary. About 300 years ago, George Whitefield and John Wesley led a great Evangelical Awakening in the United Kingdom.  However, on a study abroad …

Platform Antique Microphone

Are You Building Your Platform?

Throughout His life and ministry, Jesus led through humble obedience, seeking to bring glory to His Father and not to Himself. That humility and obedience took Him to a hill called Calvary, where Jesus’ used the platform of death to bring the Father glory, completing the mission He’d been assigned—to seek and save the lost. Remember, if you want to be a Kingdom leader, Jesus’ platform was a cross.