Making the Most of Your Time

They say that time is our most precious commodity. This saying is true because we cannot get more of it nor can we get it back if we’ve already spent it. In that light David gives us some wisdom stating,

So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.

Psalm 90:12 ESV

We all have a finite number of seconds, minutes, hours, and days that the Lord grants us. They are a stewardship from him–a gift we are to spend wisely. Each of us has an appointed date with death. We do not know when that will be. Until then, God wants us to use our days for his glory.

Is that how you see your time?

Do you see it as a gift for which you are a steward?

How do you spend your minutes? Where is your focus?

Do you invest time in worship, making disciples, and seeking to advance the Kingdom of Christ?

Where we spend our time indicates our priorities in life. If our priority is our relationship with Christ and following Him in a way that honors God, then we will invest most of our time in that relationship. This pursuit of Christ involves avoiding distractions that take away our time and focus upon Him.

Sometimes our worry burns precious hours that we could use to focus upon following Christ and advancing the gospel. We might also immerse ourselves in fruitless quarrels and controversies with other believers. If you want any examples of this time bandit simply take a look at your Twitter or Facebook account. It’s not always easy to see when we are wasting time. We can make the mistake of focusing our time and energy on good things when God wants us to pursue the best things. Tasks in the day can also become so urgent that we neglect our time with the Lord in Scripture reading and prayer.

So, it’s essential that we exercise wisdom and discernment in how we spend our most precious commodity.

One Puritan put it this way

We must value the time we have highly and improve it as a mercy that we must be accountable for.

Richard Baxter

What will your account of days look like when you stand before the Lord? Will it show wise investments that reflect a Kingdom vision and mindset? Or will you see countless examples where you wasted hours on things that don’t really matter in the scope of eternity?

Use your time wisely today.


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