Tim McKnight is the author of No Better Gospel, a book on the theology and methodology of evangelism of George Whitefield.  He is currently writing and editing two books in the field of youth ministry.  He serves as a professor of youth ministry and missions at Anderson University and as the director of the University's Great Commission Center. He's preached for churches and youth groups throughout the country, serving in churches in West Virginia, Kentucky, Alabama, North Carolina, and South Carolina as senior pastor, associate pastor, and youth pastor.  Tim was also an infantry chaplain in the United States Army, deploying on Operation Noble Eagle and Operation Enduring Freedom (Europe) in 2001-2002. His hobbies are shooting and martial arts. He is a NRA certified pistol instructor and is a martial arts instructor holding a black belt in Kenpo Karate.  Tim lives in Anderson, South Carolina with his wife, four children, and his Siberian Husky/German Shepherd "Jackson".


No Better Gospel

"John Knox", "William Buckley, Jr.",  "Thomas J. Jackson", "Leonidas Polk", "Gipsy Smith", "Samuel Porter Jones", "T.P. Crawford", "R.L. Dabney" in The Encyclopedia of Christianity in the United States 

In addition, Dr. McKnight has written numerous blog posts for YSBlog.com, youthministryroundtable.com, and auministry.com.

He served as a regular columnist for the Independent Mail and the Baptist Courier.

He is currently working with Dr. Alvin Reid on a second edition of his book Raising the Bar.

He is also editing and writing a youth ministry textbook that will be published by B&H Academic in 2020.

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